• Create a dependable and growing source of revenue for businesses, charitable institutions, schools, religious institutions, veterans’ organizations and worthy causes

• Help families save money on tens of millions of products within an easy to navigate and surprise-filled shopping experience they eagerly want to share with friends

• Focus on improving and enriching people’s lives as the best way to achieve the company’s financial objectives

• Provide a loyalty program for small businesses to work cooperatively, not competitively, resulting in lower costs, increased customer satisfaction and higher profits

• Make UltraPERX and BizPERX the two most respected and promoted brands on the Internet

• Make our Members feel they are part of a dynamic new “movement” in retailing that enables them to save money, encourages them to share opportunities and empowers them to earn an income for life


•   Increase Client Revenue

•   Save Members Money

•    Empower Employees

•   Always be Profitable

•   Protect Investors

•   Give Back to the Community


Revenue Enhancement Worldwide is the first true “revenue enhancement company” able to provide a secondary source of revenue to our Clients without cost or risk and without interfering with their regular business or fundraising activities.