Premium Financed Life Insurance Programs

Through our sister organization, International Premium Financing Associates, we have a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to increasing our Client’s personal success, helping their businesses grow and prosper quickly, safely and profitably.

We can provide tax-saving and wealth building programs that allow retail merchants to preserve more of the money they earn, build a larger retirement nest egg and provide a larger estate for their loved ones using a proven method known as “premium financed life insurance.” While these programs have been available to the super wealthy for more than 40 years, only a relatively small number of insurance companies and agents have the knowledge and experience to offer them.

In addition, for our clients that support their church, school or other nonprofit organization, for those that qualify, and not everyone will, we are one of only a handful of companies that offer the Charitable Giving Program that can result in your nonprofit of choice, receiving millions of dollars and your own beneficiaries receiving millions more, without the insured paying a single dollar in premiums.

There is simply no better way we know to provide needed financial support to worthy nonprofit organizations that help those less fortunate to live more productive lives and make our local communities, safer, healthier and a more pleasant place to live, work and raise our families.

Estate Preservation

You can now stop worrying about how that huge inheritance tax is going to be paid to Uncle Sam without causing pain to your family or business partners.

IPFA’s Prestige Estate Planning Strategy, using premium-financed life insurance policies will protect your estate, reduce the burden on your family, prevent disruption to your business, especially if you have partners (they need this program as well to protect your interests should their death precede yours) and give you peace of mind and security knowing that you’ve taken all the right steps to get maximum benefit at minimum cost in protecting your heirs.

Assigning next-in-line ownership to your possessions is stressful
Deciding who gets the cars, the house, the heirlooms and the rest of your estate can create tension and strain a family’s dynamic. Despite having to make some difficult or unpleasant choices, estate planning is an important and necessary duty to protect your family, your business partners and possibly to also provide for your church or temple or a charity, school or other nonprofit you want to support after your death.

The last thing you should worry about while making difficult inheritance decisions is burdening your family with taxes

You want to leave your loved ones with your estate, not a high-cost estate tax liability to pay the government.

Our experienced agents will help you set up a plan to finance the cost of these taxes so your family and other heirs and organizations you care about will not have to pay them. Your heirs will get 100% of their inheritance and they will be spared the burden of having to make difficult decisions at a time when it is emotionally stressful.

IPFA’s Planning Strategy provides benefits you won’t get with any other plan
IPFA uses a proven strategy that employs premium-financed life insurance provided by A or A+ rated carriers and we provide a nationally known bank that pays the premiums on the policy so you can enjoy peace of mind while protecting your estate and still be able to receive tax-free withdrawals.

By utilizing our cash value crediting method, we can lock in market gains and provide against market losses to ensure our clients receive a substantially higher average return over any long-term period than most investors would normally receive by investing in the stock market. This method ensures that your family won’t have to worry about paying any taxes on their inheritance because the proceeds from the policy will be used to pay the required taxes so you can rest easy knowing that your family will be provided for no matter what direction the stock market takes.

We recognize that planning an inheritance program is stressful
IPFA’s Planning Strategy makes the process a lot less stressful because our clients know they are maximizing their benefits while reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.


The time to plan for your retirement is now. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you currently earn… you need to start preparing now! The sooner you start, the more money you’ll have when you retire.

Thanks to the power of compound interest and IPFA’s Tax-Free Retirement Plan, even a few extra years can result in a much more comfortable and secure lifestyle when you retire.

IPFA’s Tax-Free Prestige Retirement Plan can build a substantially larger fund for your retirement utilizing a premium financed life insurance strategy at a substantially lower cost with less risk than conventional plans offered through other sources. We are so confident of the superior value of our plan that we invite you to make a side-by-side comparison of the costs, risks and benefits of each.

Once you do, you will be convinced that your retirement will be richer and more secure than you ever thought possible.

IPFA uses premium financed life insurance policies to provide our clients a tax-free retirement. This strategy provides our clients a combination of security, safety and low cost unmatched by other programs.

The bottom line is with the IPFA’s Retirement Program you get a unique retirement strategy tailored to your specific needs that allows you to relax long before you retire.


How to Attract and keep your most valuable employees
If your business isn’t attracting the highest quality employees and providing a compensation and benefit plan that assures your key employees remain loyal and focused on achieving the goals you set, whether or not you realize it, you’re in for a big shock.

Sooner or later, and most likely at a time when it’s most damaging to your business, a key employee will accept a tempting offer from another company. That would be bad enough but in your nightmare scenario, that offer may come from your closest competitor. Business owners don’t sleep very well at night when that happens.

In today’s market, just paying a salary that’s a bit higher than your competitors isn’t much of an incentive for quality prospects to join your company, and most benefit programs don’t provide sufficient incentives to prevent your key employees from keeping at least one eye open for greener pastures.

Do your employees view their position as a job or a career?
Loyalty is a very difficult attribute to measure. Offers come and offers go. Sometimes key people go with them. Employing some ‘one size fits all strategy’ believing you can retain employees with a few enticing benefits and then crossing your fingers they won’t leave for a perceived better opportunity, isn’t a real strategy… in fact, it’s little more than wishful thinking.

The more professional and assured way to increase the likelihood of attracting the best people and keeping them for longer periods of time is to offer them our unique Prestige Strategy retirement package.

Providing your employees with an individualized Prestige Employee Retention Plan is a benefit your employees will appreciate and won’t find anywhere else. Because this plan is an off-cycle benefit, you can offer it to your employees at any time during the year.

With tax-free withdrawals and no premium checks to write, your employees will be grateful to have a retirement package that offers high-value benefits… reassuring them you value them as high-value employees.

By utilizing our cash value crediting method, we can lock in market gains and provide against market losses so your employees can feel confident they will be receiving a substantially higher average return over any long-term period than most investors would normally receive by investing in the stock market.

Our proven conservative strategies will benefit your employees no matter what direction the stock market takes
No business is better than its employees. With the IPFA Program your business will be able to attract the best and keep them productive and loyal for a greater period of time. By offering your key employees the Prestige Strategy as a way to finance their future, you’ll be protecting and assuring your company’s future as well.


Congratulations! You’ve arrived at that point in your life when you’ve achieved a level of success that covers not only your needs but also your desires. You own a nice home, live a comfortable lifestyle, have a sizable retirement fund and you’ve provided generously for your children.

But have you created a legacy? Sure, over the years you’ve given to various charities, supported your college, church or temple, maybe even sent a donation to a hospital or your alma mater but ‘was it significant?’ Did it make a real difference and one that gave you some recognition for your effort and sacrifice?

Now there’s a program where you could make a real difference… where you could make a major contribution to help the nonprofit organization of your choice… in a significant and growing amount… while you’re alive and also after you die… and what if you could achieve this without it costing you a single dollar now or reducing your estate later?

Would you be interested in learning more? It would be foolish and selfish not to and, if you’ve read this far, your neither foolish nor selfish.

The IPFA Charitable Giving Program
Let’s start by stating emphatically… there will be zero out-of-pocket cost to participants. That means no cost to you now, no cost to your estate later and no cost ever. Here’s how it works.

If you qualify, and sorry not everyone will, all you have to do is agree to allow the nonprofit organization of your choosing to obtain a life insurance policy naming the institution as the beneficiary. If you qualify and agree, at an absolute minimum, the organization will receive:

An increasing annual income stream starting at $25,000 per year and an estimated (minimum) additional $2 million after you die.

These are minimum amounts… the actual amount will depend on factors such as your age when the policy is first issued and the length of time you live. Obviously, the longer you live, the greater the contribution and the larger the death benefit.

Your participation and concern for those in need is greatly appreciated and we’re happy to add that your participation also has personal rewards because your own beneficiaries will also receive an additional (minimum) $2,000,000 tax-free when you die.

Each program is custom designed for each person so the best way to learn about the program and its potential benefit to your designated nonprofit organization(s) and your family is to arrange a no cost, no commitment 20-minute phone conversation with one of our licensed insurance specialists.

Now that’s the way to build a legacy and provide for your loved ones at the same time.

OK, now that we have your attention, we have to mention the qualifications and discuss how the program works.

First, to qualify, you must have a net worth of $5,000,000 and an income of $300,000. Your net worth can include your home, business, vehicles, furniture, artwork, jewelry, real estate, stocks, bonds and other securities, etc.

Second, your income could include salary, bonuses, dividends and other sources of income even including alimony.

If you qualify, IPFA will arrange through one of our experienced and licensed insurance professionals, to develop a life insurance policy issued by an A or A+ rated insurance carrier and then arrange for a major nationally known bank or financial institution to pay all the premiums. This will be considered a loan by the bank and the bank will use the policy as collateral for the loan so you will never have any out-of-pocket premium costs to participate in the program.

The insurance carrier makes the annual payments to the nonprofit organization you wish to support and then after you die, the proceeds from the policy will be used to repay the bank for the loan and interest and also pay the death benefit to the nonprofit and your beneficiaries.

We know this program sounds almost too good to be true and that’s why we invite you and any of your trusted financial advisors to speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals.

Once you fully understand how simple this program is and how beneficial it can be to your favorite nonprofit organization(s) and your beneficiaries, you’ll want to join scores of other smart and caring individuals who created their lasting legacy.

There’s simply no better way to protect your family, help people in need and build a lasting legacy.

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