Genesis of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide (REW)


The Inspiration Behind Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and UltraPERX

This is the story of a truly unique business model. One that is like no other. The company we created is evolving into much more than just a business… it’s becoming a “movement.” One that can help a lot of people make a lot of money by doing good things for others and one that offers you an opportunity to join us by becoming part of something you can be proud of and make more money by doing less work than anything you’ve ever been involved with in your entire life. And, you can do this whether you’re fully employed, under employed or even unemployed.

Sound impossible? Sound crazy? Sound too good to be true? Well it’s real, it’s beneficial, it’s easy, and with very little effort and time, you’ll soon be able to earn an income for life… Yes, an income for life.

Hi, I’m Franklin Wolfson, the founder and CEO of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide

Several years ago I was reading an article about the growing gap between the needs of charitable institutions and their inability to raise sufficient funds to meet those needs. Shortly afterward I heard a plea on the radio by a minister who was practically begging people to donate more money because the supposed “tried and true” fundraising methods simply weren’t working as well as they did in the past. A few days later I was invited to my friend’s home for dinner and she was complaining about all the fundraising programs the schools were doing just to buy basic supplies for their students and how this placed an additional burden on families. Then, somehow my mind linked these three events together and I thought, wait a second, this is America. This shouldn’t be. We’re not some third world country. There’s got to be a better way. We’re the richest, most creative and entrepreneurial country in the world, and we can’t figure out a way to take care of our own citizens. Heck, I should be able to figure out a better way.

Americans shouldn’t be “beggars,” we should be creative problem solvers.

No Donations Required

Now, don’t get nervous. I’m not a professional fundraiser and this isn’t a plea asking you to donate money. It’s just the genesis of a story that led me to believe there had to be a more dependable way to generate money for worthy causes – one that would provide a reliable solution that would grow each year and last virtually forever. This led me to an idea for creating what I truly believe could grow into one of the premier businesses in America. You see, I wasn’t just looking to start a business or make some money for myself, I was looking for a radical solution to solve what seemed to be, up until now, a huge, growing and unsolvable problem. A solution that could change the entire way nonprofits viewed fundraising. I may not have created the ultimate solution, but I think the company I’ve created comes pretty darn close.

The Old Solutions Are Bandages, Not Cures

Solving problems of this magnitude requires radical, out of the box thinking… perhaps even “reverse thinking.” By that I mean, when times are tough, instead of asking businesses whose profits had been eroded and individuals whose family incomes have shrunken to donate more money to help others even less fortunate than themselves, why not have individuals, businesses and nonprofits enter into a symbiotic relationship whereby working together, each would benefit? If this synergy could be created, it could create a force that could virtually affect every organization and every family in the country. It would also create one incredible business opportunity.

Was my vision realistic? … perhaps. Was the goal worthy? … most definitely. Could it be accomplished? … we’re about to find out.

After many years and millions of dollars in research and development, what once started out as “wishful thinking” has evolved into a business called Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and a brand called UltraPERX.

We’re All Stronger When Each of Us Works as Part of the Same Team

What was once a dream, has become a coalition of businesses, nonprofits and individuals cooperating together to achieve benefits for themselves and each other. Businesses would generate more customers and revenue; families would save money on a wide variety of purchases; individuals would earn supplemental income; and nonprofits would generate a lot more money… and here’s the best part:

Each entity receives a benefit exactly equal to the effort each puts forth. This concept is performance based, the greater the effort, the greater the reward and with the REW business model, the rewards could be substantially larger than almost any other fundraising method. Plus, the benefits could increase each year, last a lifetime and, as a bonus, require less effort than virtually any other program you could imagine.

I Refuse to Listen to the Naysayers and Doubters

Now I know that might sound impossible; to others it probably sounds Pollyannaish but to me, it was a challenge. A challenge to create not just a new company but a new industry… revenue enhancement. This would be a new way to bring nonprofits, businesses and people together for their mutual benefit… and thus was born, Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and our primary brand, UltraPERX.

What most people thought was impossible to create, we created… a business that would appeal to just about everyone in America, provide financial support to charities and nonprofits, help small businesses improve their bottom line and save every family money on the products and services they need and want.

It Wasn’t Always Easy, It Wasn’t Always Fun but It Was Always Worth the Effort

It took us longer than we expected, we had to overcome more hurdles than we anticipated and it cost us more money than we originally planned but, we built something that is much more exciting than we imagined, that will generate more revenue for our business Clients than we expected and provide greater and more reliable benefits for nonprofits than they hoped (and prayed) for and is shaping up to be a business that will be more profitable than we could have ever expected which should please our investors and supporters and, here’s the best part… everyone is invited to participate in our success.

A Different Set of Principles Provides the Foundation for a Different Type of Company

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide or REW for short was created on a different set of principles than most other companies. The main principles our company was founded on are sharing and generosity. I firmly believe that the more generous we are to our clients, members, marketing associates, employees and our community, the more people will want to be affiliated with us… because it will be in their own selfish best interests to do so.

Sharing, not competing, will help us build a bigger, more profitable company in less time. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the more generous we are, the faster our business will grow, the more profitable it will become, the more people we will help and the more fun we’ll have in the process. In short, we’ll be successful because inherent in our business model is a process where everyone benefits.

We do this by offering great discounts on great products and services and then share a portion of the profits we earn with our Clients and marketing team. REW is also committed to donating a portion of our profits to support worthy causes, charities, schools and religious and nonprofit organizations.

We’re Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

Doing business with UltraPERX will also be an exciting, profitable and fun experience because we’re delighted to offer our Members huge discounts, generous cash back programs, multiple opportunities to win valuable prizes, a rewarding shopping experience where Members can play fascinating games that offer huge prizes and, as an extra bonus, Members can even win valuable prizes just for visiting our site even if they don’t buy anything.

Based on the individuals and organizations that have expressed interest in doing business with us, we expect to generate commissions and give away prizes totaling tens of millions of dollars. And although giving away tens of millions of dollars in commissions and prizes may sound generous, and it definitely is, it is also the best way I know to build a huge business quickly, have it increase annually and last indefinitely.

REW Is a Performance Based Business

Let me be very clear. I’m an unapologetic capitalist. I believe that profit is our just reward for creating something people want or need and the better we fulfill those wants and needs the greater should be our reward. My fervent belief is that businesses grow faster when you help people… not exploit them.

Your Invitation to Join This New Movement

Whether you’re excited or skeptical about what you just heard about, the following is all you have to do to find out if you will benefit from being affiliated with REW and UltraPERX.

  • If you’re a business in need of additional revenue, send us your contact information… we’ll show you how to increase your revenue without cost or risk by becoming an UltraPERX Business Client
  • If you’re a nonprofit and are interested in having a no-cost, no-risk, money generating engine that could grow each year and last forever, don’t procrastinate and take advantage of this opportunity right now by becoming a Nonprofit Client
  • If you’re an individual interested in saving money when you shop online, sign up for a FREE UltraPERX Membership
  • If you’re an individual interested in earning an income for life, without investing any money, working long hours and by doing something that you already know how to do and will now get the extra pleasure of helping yourself while you’re helping others, then become an UltraPERX Ambassador and
  • If you want to earn a large income for life and are willing to work just a little harder, then you should evaluate becoming an UltraPERX Vanguard

Every once in a great while a truly spectacular opportunity comes along that the average person can participate in. This is that opportunity. Please take a few minutes of your time to learn more. Send me an e-mail and write just one word to let us know whether you’re interested in becoming a Client, Member, Ambassador or Vanguard and we’ll send you a packet of information.

This decision could earn you, your business or organization an income that could last forever so please send us the e-mail now… or you may just have “forever” to regret your indecision.

Thanks for your time and attention. We hope you’ll join our movement to convince more businesses that it’s good business to support worthy charities and causes.Yours for a more successful future,

Franklin A. Wolfson, Founder and CEO


Since this was first written, several new developments have occurred:

We created about 50 new brands and about 25 potentially patentable concepts

We recently launched International Premium Financing Associates and we are making presentations to veteran organizations, churches, foundations, nonprofits and a national well-known nonprofit organization.

We signed an agreement with a large national company that services 500 hospitals, 500,000 doctors and hundreds of thousands of nurses.

I just completed a writing a book for one of our associates to bring cyber security to small businesses.

We signed another agreement with a another cyber security firm that specializes in serving companies in the $100-500 million category and we have introduced them to our associates that serve over 500 hospitals.

Within the next few weeks we expect to sign an agreement with an innovative company that is disrupting the merchant processor industry and we intend to introduce their technology to hospitals, MDs and retail merchants.

We are developing our own cryptocurrency called ULTRAcoin that will be totally unique and has the potential to be adopted as a true currency used in everyday transactions.

REW is not only a unique business in a unique business category (that we created), we are also well on our way to developing our own eco-system.

This eco-system (think Apple, Android, Amazon) will be comprised of large and small businesses, a wide variety of charities, schools, churches and other nonprofits, members (shoppers), affiliates (people seeking to earn money) and our own cryptocurrency.

We have been working on all of this for several years and have developed or have access to all of these technologies, markets and individuals and we expect to be fully operational in the next six months.

Finally, we are planning a unique IPO that has the potential to catapult REW into a multi-billion dollar business… and once again, you’re invited to participate.