The Revenue Enhancement Ecosystem*

Every year there are a great number of companies created that will be successful.

But only a few companies created each decade will evolve into an ecosystem and change the world.”

~ Franklin Wolfson

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide

*We built REW as an ecosystem because an ecosystem embodies the power of stability, growth, profitability and sustainability that far exceeds what any single company can achieve operating on its own.

WHEN we created Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, we didn’t just build a business, we created a new business category, “revenue enhancement;”

WHEN we created the UltraPERX website, we didn’t just build an online shopping mall, we created a “platform” that enables us to attract more people to buy more products at lower prices and for REW to be more efficient and profitable;

WHEN we created a group of companies to work with us cooperatively, we didn’t just build some loosely affiliated association, we created a support network of companies who believe that working harmoniously with each was the fastest and best way to reach our mutual objectives;

WHEN we created our Client, Revenue Consultant and Ambassador Programs, we didn’t just build a marketing team, we created a vehicle that made it possible for Clients and Members to synergistically benefit from each other’s contributions;

WHEN we created our media division to publish books, newsletters, blogs and articles, we didn’t just build another subsidiary, we created multiple ways to sustain Client and Member communications without being intrusive with blatant sales messages;

WHEN we created the UltraPERX SMARTcard, the Cash Back Marketplace, ULTRAservices and the ULTRAstore, we didn’t just build another shopping site, we created the most rewarding shopping experience on the Internet;

WHEN we created FREE product giveaways, multiple cash back programs and numerous ways to win valuable prizes just for visiting, we didn’t just create another sales gimmick, we created the most exciting e-commerce site in history;

WHEN we created Mistress of the Mansion, we didn’t just create another online game, we created the highest value contest in the history of gaming;

WHEN we created Ubiquity, we didn’t just build another loyalty program, we created the most lucrative loyalty program where merchants could increase their revenue from sales made by other merchants and for Members to save both on and offline.; and

WHEN we created ULTRAcoin, we didn’t just build another overly hyped cryptocurrency because it was the trendy thing to do, we created a truly useful, secure and stable cryptocurrency that is superior to using cash because it provides benefits and rewards to Clients and Members every time it changes hands.

In short, REW and UltraPERX has created its own ecosystem, an ecosystem that as it grows it becomes exponentially more valuable to all participants regardless of whether they are sellers or buyers, affiliates or suppliers, marketing companies or marketing associates, thus assuring its continued popularity, expanded benefits and rapid growth.

NOW we invite you to join us on this exciting and very lucrative journey.

The easiest, safest and fastest way to increase your revenue.

Does Your Organization Need Additional Revenue?

In today’s economy, the gap between expected revenue and planned expenditures has grown dramatically. Compared to just a few years ago, most businesses have suffered sales declines and 95% of charities, non-profits and religious organizations have experienced a sharp decrease in donations and will not generate sufficient revenue to meet their current needs.

Whether your organization is a for profit business that has taken on additional debt or a not for profit that has been forced to cut back on programs, the solution is the same… generate additional revenue. But that’s easier said than done… until now.

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and our FREE UltraPERX program could be the solution you’ve hoped for to solve your revenue problem.

By combining our FREE Loyalty Program with a variety of unique incentives and viral marketing programs, we create a continuing and growing revenue stream for our Clients without any cost or risk. Our program can be installed quickly and can start generating revenue within days of implementation. There is no other program in our awareness, that comes close to providing all the benefits that REW offers… and did we mention, it’s FREE.

We know this may sound “too good to be true” but all we ask is that you “spend” a few minutes of your time to learn a little bit more about us.


Revenue Enhancement Worldwide is the first true “revenue enhancement company” able to provide a secondary source of revenue to our Clients without cost or risk and without interfering with their regular business or fundraising activities.